Former Navajo Nation President Announces Candidacy for Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District


Summary: Jonathan Nez, former Navajo Nation President, has declared his intention to run for Congress in Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. Nez will challenge incumbent Eli Crane, aiming to become the first Native American to represent Arizona in Congress. Nez expressed disappointment with the political divisiveness and dysfunction in the Capitol and intends to focus on addressing issues such as affordable childcare, housing, and healthcare. Despite the district’s Republican majority, Nez believes voters prioritize tangible improvements in their lives over party affiliation.

Former Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez has officially announced his candidacy for Congress, targeting Arizona’s 2nd Congressional District. Nez, who served as the Navajo Nation’s president from 2019-2023, is running against Eli Crane, the incumbent representative of the district since last year. The 2nd Congressional District encompasses a significant part of northern and eastern Arizona and is home to 14 of the state’s 22 federally recognized tribes.

Nez cited his disappointment with the current state of politics, particularly the divisiveness and dysfunction, as reasons for his candidacy. He expressed his desire for a better future for all children and emphasized that his faith-based values and role as a husband and father informed his decision to enter the race. Nez shared his commitment to addressing pressing issues like affordable childcare, housing, and quality healthcare, as highlighted by the concerns of district residents.

Although the district has a higher number of registered Republicans than Democrats, with around 30,000 more Republican voters, Nez believes that constituents are more interested in tangible actions and improvements rather than partisan alignment. He aspires to become the first Native American to represent Arizona in Congress, aiming to advocate for the interests and well-being of all constituents in the district.

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