Former US Officials Urge Pakistan to Halt Deportation of Afghan Refugees


Summary: Former US officials and resettlement organizations are urging Pakistan to stop the deportation of thousands of Afghans seeking relocation to the United States.

A group of former US diplomats and representatives of resettlement organizations have penned an open letter to Pakistan, calling on the country to halt the deportation of Afghan refugees who are waiting for US visas under an American program. Pakistan recently announced a crackdown on migrants living in the country illegally, including 1.7 million Afghans, with a deadline of October 31 for them to return home or face mass arrest and expulsion. The UN has warned that forced deportations could lead to human rights violations, including family separations. However, Pakistan denies targeting Afghans and argues that it is focusing on illegal residents regardless of nationality. The former US officials stress that the deportation plan would create chaos and worsen an already dire situation. They urge Pakistan to work with the US to resettle qualifying individuals rather than sending them back to Afghanistan where they face significant risks. The officials also call on Pakistan to approve the establishment of a Resettlement Support Center in the country to facilitate the process for Afghan refugees.

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