GameStop Employee Charged with Manslaughter for Fatally Shooting Fleeing Shoplifter


Summary: A GameStop employee in Florida has been charged with manslaughter for fatally shooting a shoplifter who was stealing Pokemon cards. The employee pulled out a handgun and shot the man in the side as he was trying to flee, causing his death three hours later.

A GameStop employee in Florida has been charged with manslaughter after shooting a shoplifter who was attempting to steal Pokemon cards. The incident occurred at a GameStop store in a Fort Lauderdale strip mall when the suspect grabbed five boxes of Pokemon trading cards and ran towards the exit. The employee, Derrick Guerrero, responded by pulling out a handgun from his waistband and firing one shot, hitting the man in the side. The shoplifter dropped the stolen cards and fled to a waiting pickup truck, where a woman called the police. Unfortunately, the shoplifter succumbed to his injuries and died at a hospital three hours later.

According to police, surveillance footage shows that the shoplifter posed no immediate threat to Guerrero and did not display any weapons. In Florida, the ‘stand your ground’ law allows the use of deadly force when there is a threat of death or great bodily harm to oneself or others, but not solely for the protection of property. Manslaughter charges were filed against Guerrero as the shooting was deemed unplanned and a result of the heat of the moment.

Guerrero is currently being held at the Broward County Jail on a bail amount of $25,000. It is unclear whether he has retained an attorney. GameStop has yet to provide any comment regarding the incident.

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