Gen Alpha Kids’ Skincare Obsession Drives Holiday Spending


Kids from Generation Alpha are showing a growing interest in skincare, influenced by online ‘skinfluencers’ and social media. This trend is expected to fuel holiday spending as retailers cater to this new consumer demand.

Kids From Gen Alpha Embrace Skincare Trends

Many kids from Generation Alpha, born in 2010 and later, are increasingly interested in skincare. They are absorbing content online from ‘Skinfluencers’ on platforms like TikTok and YouTube. These children are well-versed in various skincare products and their ingredients, often knowing more than their parents. This trend is driving the emergence of new brands catering exclusively to Gen Alpha, as well as retailers cashing in on the growing obsession. The interest in skincare among Gen Alpha is expected to have a significant impact on holiday spending, with skincare products being one of the top categories on their holiday wish lists.

Impact on Retailers and Brands

Retailers such as Ulta Beauty and Walmart are expanding their offerings to accommodate the demand for skincare products among Gen Alpha consumers. Brands like Bubble and e.l.f. Beauty, which have effectively utilized platforms like TikTok to engage with young consumers, are also anticipating a surge in holiday sales driven by parents looking for gifts for their Gen Alpha kids. The CEO of e.l.f. Beauty noted that the company’s investment in the skincare category, including the recent acquisition of a skincare company, is a response to the growing interest in skincare among young people.

Growing Skincare Market

The interest in skincare is not limited to Generation Alpha, as millennials and Gen Z consumers have also shown a deeper engagement with the category. This trend gained traction during the pandemic, as people shifted their focus to self-care. Data from Circana reveals a significant increase in annual spending on both prestige and mass skincare products. Piper Sandler’s teen spending survey indicates a notable rise in skincare spending among teenagers, signaling a broader trend in consumer behavior.

Parental Perspective and Spending

Parents are increasingly finding themselves purchasing skincare products for their children, with some reporting unexpected shifts in their holiday shopping lists. One parent mentioned buying moisturizer for her nine-year-old daughter, reflecting the evolving preferences of kids today. Another parent shared the significant monetary investment in skincare products for their daughters, highlighting the considerable impact on household spending.

Safety and Age-Appropriate Concerns

While the interest in skincare among children is seen as positive by some parents, concerns have been raised about the use of adult skincare products on young and sensitive skin. Dermatologists emphasize the importance of using age-appropriate products and caution against potentially harsh ingredients that may cause adverse reactions in children. Maintaining a balance between promoting self-esteem and preventing obsessive skincare habits is crucial for parents and caregivers.

The Rise of Gen Alpha

Despite being young, Generation Alpha is anticipated to wield considerable influence over consumer spending and market trends in the coming years. With an estimated population of around 2.5 billion by 2024, Gen Alpha is projected to have unprecedented spending power, surpassing that of previous generations. Experts highlight the need for brands to recognize and adapt to the preferences of Gen Alpha consumers, as their impact on the consumer landscape is expected to be profound.