Google Cuts Jobs in News Division Amid Industry Challenges


Summary: Google has downsized its news division, resulting in job cuts at a sensitive time for online platforms and publishers. Despite no exact numbers being provided, an estimated 40 to 45 workers in Google News have been affected. The company stated that it remains committed to a thriving information ecosystem and that the changes are meant to streamline the organization. The move comes as the spread of misinformation online continues to be a concern, particularly in light of recent conflicts and geopolitical events. Google is facing calls to take stricter measures to combat disinformation.

Google has made cuts to its news division, affecting an estimated 40 to 45 workers. The downsizing comes during a critical period for online platforms and publishers. The exact number of job losses was not disclosed, but a Google spokesperson confirmed the cuts while emphasizing that the news product still has hundreds of staff. The spokesperson stated that the organization has made internal changes to enhance efficiency and support a vibrant information ecosystem.

The layoffs come as concerns mount over the spread of misinformation online, exacerbated by ongoing conflicts like the Israel-Hamas war and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In response to these concerns, Senator Michael Bennet has requested information from Google and other tech companies on their efforts to combat false content about the conflict. European Union industry chief Thierry Breton has also called on companies, including Google, to take stricter measures against disinformation. The company is also facing calls in other countries for tech platforms to compensate publishers for their work.

The job cuts in the news division follow a series of layoffs at Google. In January, the company announced 12,000 job cuts affecting around 6% of the full-time workforce. Last month, Google eliminated hundreds of positions in its recruiting organization. The layoffs have had an impact on employees, with a staff engineer expressing sadness at losing highly skilled colleagues.

As the battle against misinformation continues, tech companies are increasing their content moderation staffing. Additionally, countries like Canada are exploring legislation to require tech platforms to compensate publishers for their content. Amid these challenges, Google remains under pressure to take more stringent action against disinformation.

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