Gotham Awards: ‘Past Lives’ Wins Top Honors, De Niro Speaks Out, and Lily Gladstone Triumphs


Celine Song’s film ‘Past Lives’ takes home top honors at Gotham Awards, while Robert De Niro speaks out against the editing of his speech. Lily Gladstone also wins, urging prioritization of Native perspectives in filmmaking.

Celine Song’s ‘Past Lives’ Wins Best Feature Film

Celine Song’s ‘Past Lives’ won the best feature film award at the Gotham Awards, marking a potential rise as an Oscar contender. The romance film was well-received at the Sundance Film Festival and has gained popularity as an arthouse hit, resonating with its audience as it tells a personal story set in the East Village.

De Niro’s Unedited Speech and Criticism

Robert De Niro, set to present a tribute award, expressed frustration as he observed that a section of his speech had been edited without his knowledge. He took the opportunity to criticize America’s ‘post-truth society’ and Hollywood’s portrayal of Native Americans, targeting Apple for the changes made to his speech.

Lily Gladstone’s Success and Native Representation Advocacy

Lily Gladstone triumphed at the Gotham Awards, winning the best lead performance for her role in a lesser-known film ‘The Unknown Country,’ and used her platform to advocate for prioritizing Native perspectives in filmmaking. She urged filmmakers to invest in the people they tell stories about, emphasizing the positive impact it has on both the film and individuals involved.

Insights into the Gotham Awards

The Gotham Awards, in their 33rd year, kicked off the award season, shedding light on potential favorites for the upcoming Academy Awards. With unique quirks such as gender-neutral acting categories and prizes chosen by small committees, the Gothams set the stage for the season’s festivities.

Highlights in the Film Categories

The best international film category saw Justine Triet’s ‘Anatomy of a Fall’ triumph as the winner, with Andrew Haigh’s ‘All of Us Strangers’ falling short despite being a lead nominee. The competitive landscape was evident as big-budget films navigated a unique award season landscape.

Tribute Awards and TV Category

The Gothams saw tribute awards honoring notable figures in the film industry, including Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, George C. Wolfe, and Michael Mann. In the TV categories, the Netflix series ‘Beef’ garnered recognition, with stars Steven Yeun and Ali Wong contributing to the show’s success.

Forecasting Future Award Success

The Gotham Awards have a mixed track record of predicting future awards glory, with past winners experiencing varied outcomes in subsequent award campaigns. Nevertheless, the Gothams remain a significant milestone in the film industry’s annual calendar.