HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ Airs Final Episode After 29 Years


Bryant Gumbel and HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ bid farewell after nearly three decades, marking the end of an era in sports journalism.

The End of an Era

After 29 years, HBO’s ‘Real Sports’ is set to air its final 90-minute episode, marking the conclusion of a significant chapter in sports journalism. The show, led by Bryant Gumbel, offered a unique lens to examine various issues through the world of sports, including corruption, labor abuses, and inspirational stories.

A Farewell Filled with Emotions

As the last episode is being taped, emotions run high backstage as the team prepares to bid farewell. Bryant Gumbel, at 75 years old and the end of his contract, along with the rest of the crew, is saddened by the conclusion of this long-time endeavor.

The Changing Landscape of Sports Journalism

The exit of ‘Real Sports’ raises concerns about the future of independent sports journalism. With the growing influence of league-owned and rights-dependent networks, the show’s departure marks a significant loss in the industry, leaving a void that may be hard to fill.

Stories that Resonated

Over the years, ‘Real Sports’ has covered impactful stories that have resonated with its audience. From investigative pieces leading to the release of an athlete from prison to uncovering a recruiting scandal, the show has provided a unique focus on how sports impact both athletes and the people involved in the industry. Bryant Gumbel takes pride in the show’s contributions, reflecting on its lasting impact.

Reflecting on a Resilient Journey

Bryant Gumbel’s unwavering commitment to the show is highlighted, as he shares his personal trials and challenges over the years. Despite facing health issues and personal struggles, Gumbel remained dedicated, never missing a show taping in 29 years. His resilience and dedication have been a testament to the show’s enduring legacy.

A Complicated Legacy

The departure of ‘Real Sports’ also shines a light on the complex dynamics within the show, including disagreements and departures of prominent correspondents. The show’s impact and controversies, including a bitter exit of a prolific correspondent, Bernard Goldberg, are part of its legacy.