Internal Review Finds Former PM’s Leadership Damaged Liberal Party’s Brand


Summary: A recently concluded internal review of the New South Wales Liberal party’s defeat in the March state election highlighted the damaging impact of former Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s leadership on the party’s brand. The review also mentioned other factors contributing to the loss, including scandals and the popularity of the former premier, Gladys Berejiklian.

The New South Wales Liberal party recently completed an internal review to analyze the party’s defeat in the March state election. Former Liberal MP Peta Seaton and former premier Nick Greiner, who conducted the review, briefed the NSW Liberal party room on the findings. According to sources, the reviewers noted that the federal Liberal party, under the leadership of Scott Morrison, had ‘damaged the brand’, thereby impacting the party’s performance at the election.

The review identified various reasons for the loss. One factor was the negative impact of the Robodebt scandal and revelations about Morrison appointing himself to ministerial portfolios during the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, voters expressed a desire for a change in government. The review also highlighted scandals within the NSW Liberal party, including the controversial appointment of former deputy premier John Barilaro to a New York trade role. The reviewers emphasized the ‘stratospheric’ popularity of former premier Gladys Berejiklian, stating that the party could have potentially won another term under her leadership.

The review also discussed the leadership of current premier Dominic Perrottet, acknowledging his popularity but noting that he did not have enough time in office to reach the same level of popularity as Berejiklian. The review suggested that the NSW Liberals should invest more in social media to effectively communicate their message, especially to younger voters. It also indicated that the influence of traditional media, such as an ‘editorial in the Daily Telegraph’, had decreased. Additionally, the review highlighted the need for improved behavior and governance within the party’s state executive.

The final report on the election loss is expected to be handed to the state executive later this year.

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