Investigation Finds Fire and Safety Hazards Under I-10 in Los Angeles Before Arson Fire


State investigators discovered fire and safety hazards at a leased storage space under an elevated Los Angeles freeway before it was set ablaze in an arson fire. The California Department of Transportation released documents showing violations of the company’s lease and a ‘person of interest’ has been identified in the case.

Arson Fire Exposes Violations and Hazards

State investigators found fire and safety hazards at a leased storage space under an elevated Los Angeles freeway before it was burned in an arson fire, documents show. The blaze was fueled by flammable materials stored in violation of the lease, causing a major road closure.

Company Lease Violations and State Response

The company leasing the land had violated the contract by allowing the storage of flammable or hazardous materials, as reported by state inspectors who had flagged problematic conditions at the site for years. Furthermore, state officials have taken legal action against the company for unpaid rent and have urged for a comprehensive review of all similar leased sites under freeways across California.

Investigation of Arson Case and Person of Interest

The arson case is being investigated by the Cal Fire and the State Fire Marshal, who have identified a ‘person of interest’ and released photos seeking the public’s help for identification. The individual is described as a man in his 30s to 35 with specific physical attributes and visible burn injuries. Public officials are actively seeking information regarding the incident and the suspect.

Public Safety and Traffic Disruption

The fire created a significant road closure and disrupted traffic for days, affecting an estimated 300,000 vehicles that use the stretch of freeway daily. Efforts to repair the damage are ongoing, and the authorities are encouraging the public to utilize alternative transportation methods and work from home to alleviate congestion in the area.