Israel-Hamas Conflict Escalates with Attacks on Gaza Hospitals


Israel intensifies attacks on Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital, London braces for pro-Palestinian march, as casualties escalate. IDF confirms operational updates.

Crisis at Al-Shifa Hospital

The largest hospital in Gaza, Al-Shifa, has experienced intensified Israeli strikes, leaving it without electricity and water, and declared ‘out of service.’ Health officials and medical staff call for urgent action and label the situation ‘catastrophic.’

Pro-Palestinian March in London

A National March for Palestine in London is expected to draw hundreds of thousands. Amid the conflict, protesters demand an immediate cease-fire and preparation from the Met Police to oversee the march.

Israeli Military Activity

IDF confirms the pause in fighting to allow civilian evacuation in northern Gaza and reports of taking control of Hamas positions. The military’s claim of killing a Hamas commander at a hospital is met with denial from Hamas.

International Concern and Relief Efforts

World leaders and organizations express grave concerns over the escalating crisis. WHO’s director general emphasizes the grim situation in Gaza, with a child dying every 10 minutes. Doctors Without Borders urges for the protection of medical facilities, staff, and patients amidst intensified attacks.

Reactions and Developments

French President Macron calls for an end to civilian bombings in Gaza. Israel lowers the death toll from a previous attack by Hamas and Columbia University suspends student chapters of organizations involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict.