Israel-Hamas Conflict: White House Announces Daily Humanitarian Pauses


Israel agrees to implement 4-hour pauses daily in north Gaza while pressure grows for cease-fire. US President Biden calls for a longer pause, as concerns rise about the impact on civilians and potential regional ramifications.

Israel Agrees to Daily Humanitarian Pauses

The White House announces that Israel has committed to implementing four-hour daily humanitarian pauses in the fighting, with a focus on northern Gaza, beginning Thursday. These pauses aim to provide relief to civilians and secure a second pathway for their safe departure. Israeli President Isaac Herzog mentions the absence of a real offer from Hamas to free hostages held in the Gaza Strip.

President Biden’s Call for Longer Pause

US President Joe Biden requests a pause in hostilities lasting longer than three days. The US is reportedly in talks with Israel and Qatar over a potential three-day cease-fire, tied to the release of some hostages held by Hamas. French President Emmanuel Macron also urges for a cease-fire, emphasizing the non-negotiable protection of civilians.

Civilian Impact and Humanitarian Concerns

Displaced Palestinians in Gaza face dire conditions, with access to food, water, and medical supplies dwindling. The United Nations warns that the conflict poses a significant risk to public health and the well-being of civilians, as water and sanitation systems suffer disruptions. Hospitals in Gaza strain under the impact, and the World Health Organization highlights an increase in cases of infectious diseases and premature births.

International Involvement and Regional Ramifications

Brazil arrests individuals over an alleged Hezbollah plot, while Israel strikes military targets in southern Syria. Turkish President Erdogan offers to act as a guarantor to resolve the conflict, and the UN aid chief expresses concerns about the war’s wider regional implications. The US drone is shot down by Yemen’s Houthis, adding to regional tensions.

Israel’s Military Actions and Humanitarian Response

The Israel Defense Forces continue to engage in the conflict, targeting Hamas military figures and uncovering Hamas preparations in the Gaza Strip. Meanwhile, humanitarian organizations strive to provide aid to the affected population, with deliveries of medical supplies reaching the al-Shifa hospital. Calls for the protection of medical facilities and personnel grow amid the escalating crisis.