Jason Momoa’s Dominance Shines Through on SNL


Saturday Night Live relied on simplistic gender stereotypes when faced with Jason Momoa’s overpowering masculinity as the host.

The Roman Empire Sketch

The ‘Rome Song’ sketch, featuring Jason Momoa as the host, employed gender tropes and emphasized masculine attributes. The sketch delved into themes concerning the fixations of men and women, portraying men’s obsession with history and women’s preoccupation with astrology.

Challenges of the Show

While the episode showcased Momoa’s strong, wild-man persona, it did not offer new insights into gender dynamics. The skits heavily relied on tired gender stereotypes and did not challenge Momoa’s public image or show comedic range.

The Absurd Gender Take

The show presented a sketch where the focus on Momoa’s size and masculinity overshadowed the content’s underlying sentiment, suggesting a girl couldn’t beat a guy.