Jezebel, the Influential Feminist Website, Shuts Down After 16 Years


Jezebel, a trailblazing feminist website, is closing after 16 years due to business struggles and challenges with the digital advertising environment.

The Rise and Fall of Jezebel

Launching in 2007, Jezebel quickly became an influential feminist voice, blending sharp commentary on gender politics with edgy pop culture coverage. The website catered to an audience seeking an alternative to traditional women’s media.

The Impact and Legacy of Jezebel

Jezebel’s unique blend of serious news, witty writing, and coverage of women’s issues made it a trailblazer in feminist media. It played a significant role in bringing topics like ‘body shaming’ and ‘rape culture’ into national conversations.

Challenges in the Digital Media Landscape

The closure of Jezebel highlights the ongoing struggle to find a sustainable revenue model for digital media sites, particularly those with a mission-driven focus. The difficulty of attracting advertisers while maintaining editorial integrity poses a significant challenge.

Struggles with Parent Company and Leadership

G/O Media’s inability to align Jezebel’s mission and audience with a sustainable business model led to the site’s closure. Tensions with the parent company, including leadership and strategic issues, contributed to the site’s demise.

Reactions and Resignations

Following the announcement, former and current Jezebel staff expressed frustration, with some pointing to the parent company’s leadership and decision-making. The resignation of interim Editor-in-Chief Laura Bassett and statements from current staff reflect underlying discontent with G/O Media.