Kangaroos Recovering from Bushfire Injuries at NSW Wildlife Sanctuary


Summary: A mob of kangaroos with bandaged feet is recovering at a wildlife sanctuary in south-east NSW after a recent bushfire.

A group of kangaroos at a property in south-east NSW are being treated for injuries sustained during a recent bushfire. The kangaroos are hopping around with colorful bandages on their feet to help with the burns. The Cobargo Wildlife Sanctuary, run by Gary Henderson and Sara Tilling, is privately operated and dedicated to helping injured wildlife. Despite the passing of a fortnight, the fireground remains unsafe to enter. The sanctuary has received 11 kangaroos that were severely burned, and it is hopeful that they will make a full recovery. The kangaroos are being treated by veterinarian Dr. Carl von Schreiber, who carefully assesses their wounds and provides necessary treatment. The sanctuary has previously cared for animals affected by bushfires and is no stranger to working with injured wildlife. The couple who run the sanctuary have dedicated their lives to helping animals and have rehabilitated and released over 170 kangaroos since January 2020. While they have received some financial help, the couple mostly funds the sanctuary themselves.

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