Kansas State Freshman QB Avery Johnson Sets FBS Season Record with 5 Rushing Touchdowns


Summary: Avery Johnson, the true freshman quarterback for Kansas State, had an outstanding performance in his first Big 12 game. He rushed for five touchdowns against Texas Tech, which is the highest in the Football Bowl Subdivision this season. Johnson’s incredible performance tied the school record for rushing touchdowns and helped his team secure a 38-21 victory.

In his debut game, Kansas State’s freshman quarterback Avery Johnson showcased his talent with an extraordinary performance against Texas Tech. Johnson entered the game in the late first quarter and made an immediate impact, scoring five rushing touchdowns throughout the match. His touchdowns came from runs of 2, 5, 30, 11, and 3 yards, demonstrating his versatility and effectiveness on the field.

With his impressive performance, Johnson set a new FBS season record for the most rushing touchdowns. This accomplishment is a significant milestone for the young quarterback, highlighting his potential and impact on the team’s offensive success.

In addition to the records set by Johnson, it is worth mentioning that Notre Dame safety Xavier Watts also had an exceptional game against Southern California. Watts displayed a remarkable defensive performance, making two interceptions, returning a fumble for a touchdown, and forcing a fumble. His outstanding contributions on the field secured a convincing 48-20 victory for Notre Dame.

Moving on to special teams, Houston’s Matthew Golden demonstrated his exceptional kick return skills once again. Golden’s 100-yard kick return for a touchdown against West Virginia marks the third consecutive year that Houston has achieved this feat. Furthermore, Golden is currently the only player in the country with two kick returns for touchdowns this season, solidifying his importance to the team.

Furthermore, in Stanford’s 46-43 double-overtime victory over Colorado, Elic Ayomanor showcased extraordinary receiving skills. Ayomanor recorded an astonishing 294 receiving yards on 13 catches, all of which were made in the second half and overtime. This outstanding performance by Ayomanor ranks as the highest receiving yards total in the FBS since the 2022 Rose Bowl.

Antwaun Powell-Ryland Jr. of Virginia Tech and Kyle Kennard of Georgia Tech both made significant impacts on defense, each recording four sacks in their games against Wake Forest. Powell-Ryland Jr. matched the national season high for sacks, solidifying his position as one of the top defensive players in the country.

In Division III football, Garrett Cora of Franklin College had an outstanding game, setting an NCAA all-division single-game season record for rushing yards. Cora rushed for an impressive 318 yards and four touchdowns, leading his team to a 35-21 victory over Defiance. Cora’s exceptional performances throughout the season have made him one of the top rushers in Division III.

To conclude, the recent college football games have seen extraordinary performances from young talents and experienced players alike. From record-breaking rushing touchdowns to exceptional defensive plays and outstanding receiving performances, these athletes have demonstrated their skills and contributed to their teams’ victories.

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