Kim Jong Un Urges Efforts to Tackle Falling Birth Rates in North Korea


North Korean leader Kim Jong Un addresses mothers in Pyongyang, calling for action to combat the declining birth rates in the country and acknowledging the role of mothers in strengthening national power.

Kim Jong Un’s Call to Address Falling Birth Rates

During an event for mothers in Pyongyang, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un emphasized the need to prevent a decline in birth rates and promote good childcare, describing it as ‘everyone’s housekeeping’ duties. He urged collaboration with mothers to address these challenges.

Fertility Rate in North Korea

The fertility rate in North Korea, as of 2023, is estimated to be 1.8 children per woman, indicating a sustained decline over recent decades. Despite the decrease, North Korea’s fertility rate remains higher than that of some neighboring nations, such as South Korea and Japan, which have also been experiencing declining birth rates.

Challenges Faced by North Korea

In addition to addressing falling birth rates, North Korea has grappled with severe food shortages, including deadly famines in the 1990s, often exacerbated by natural disasters like floods. The country’s population of about 25 million has experienced significant hardships, and Mr. Kim expressed gratitude to mothers for their contributions to strengthening national power.