Lions Controversy Over 2-Point Conversion Play in Loss to Cowboys


Detroit Lions feel officials’ ruling on potential winning 2-point pass cost them victory against Dallas Cowboys.

Confusion Over 2-Point Conversion Play

In a controversial ruling during the game against the Dallas Cowboys, the Detroit Lions felt that a potential winning 2-point conversion pass was negated by a penalty, leading to their loss.

Issues with Officials’ Explanations

The Lions expressed frustration with conflicting explanations from the officials. Quarterback Jared Goff and coach Dan Campbell disagreed with the referees’ statements regarding the eligibility of the receivers involved in the play.

Dallas Cowboys’ Victory and Coach McCarthy’s Comments

The Dallas Cowboys clinched a 20-19 victory, extending their home winning streak to 16 games. Cowboys’ coach Mike McCarthy described the game as a ‘2-point extravaganza,’ praising both teams for their performance.