Liz Ellis Questions Netball Australia’s Leadership Amid Pay Standoff


Australian netball legend Liz Ellis has criticized Netball Australia for its treatment of players and questioned the organization’s leadership amid a pay dispute.

Liz Ellis Voices Disappointment

Australian netball great Liz Ellis expressed disappointment and anger after players were threatened with legal action to attend an award ceremony named in her honor. She was critical of Netball Australia (NA) for their ‘callous disregard’ towards the Diamonds players.

Pay Dispute and Threats

Netball Australia (NA) faced backlash as it threatened Diamonds players with legal action if they did not attend an awards ceremony. Liz Ellis, who was not in attendance due to a scheduling conflict, criticized NA for not giving her proper notice and expressed anger at the treatment of current Diamonds players.

Support for Players

Liz Ellis showed clear support for the players who are locked in a pay dispute with Netball Australia. She highlighted that the players, who have not been paid for eight weeks, are fighting for fair pay and conditions and questioned NA’s treatment of these role models and ambassadors for netball.

Questioning Netball Australia’s Leadership

Amid the ongoing crisis, Liz Ellis questioned Netball Australia’s capability to provide the leadership needed by the sport. She emphasized the recurring negative headlines and called for an immediate answer to whether the organization is fit to navigate the current situation.

Players’ Stance and Statement

The players association made their collective stance clear, stating that the Diamonds were attending the awards night due to legal obligations. They highlighted the unpaid status of the players in the Super Netball league and called for an affordable and sustainable agreement that promotes a genuine partnership to grow the game.