Louisiana School Scandal: Unaccredited School Fails to Protect Students


A Louisiana mother enrolled her children in an unaccredited school to protect them from COVID-19, only to discover the lack of oversight resulted in a teacher’s sexual misconduct.

Unaccredited School’s Lack of Oversight

Raynesha Cummings enrolled her children in a small, unaccredited private school, Second Chance Academy, in an effort to protect them from COVID-19. The school, lacking accreditation and state approval, provided no supervision for the lone teacher entrusted with the students.

Misconduct and Lack of Accreditation

After her son graduated with hopes of attending a trade school, it was revealed that schools would not recognize his diploma. Furthermore, Cummings discovered that the teacher had been soliciting sexually explicit photos from her 16-year-old daughter. The teacher, who was arrested, had a prior accusation of child rape.

Lack of Oversight in Off-the-Grid Schools

Second Chance Academy falls into a category of off-the-grid schools in Louisiana with minimal oversight. The school, which has faced legal challenges, operated without approval, raising concerns about the safety and education of its students.

Escalating Enrollment in Unapproved Schools

Enrollment in unapproved schools in Louisiana has significantly increased, reaching over 21,000 students in the last school year. The pandemic-era disengagement from traditional education systems has led to a growing number of children attending these unaccredited institutions.

History of Second Chance Academy and Unapproved Schools

Second Chance Academy, operating as an unapproved school, has a history of defiance against public officials and lack of state-recognized diplomas. The Louisiana Department of Education issued warnings to parents about unapproved schools, highlighting the uncertainty regarding their validity as educational institutions.

Impact on Students and Call for Awareness

The scandal has had a profound impact on Cummings’ family, with her daughters being homeschooled and her son seeking alternative routes for a legitimate diploma. Cummings hopes to raise awareness of the risks associated with unapproved schools, urging parents to exercise caution in choosing educational institutions for their children.