Director Ranjith’s ‘Madhavi’ Releases on Flowers TV for Family Audiences


Ranjith’s latest film ‘Madhavi’, targeted at family audiences, will be aired on Flowers TV today at 9 pm.

A Female-Dominated Film Set in an Interior House
Director Ranjith’s latest film ‘Madhavi’ is all set to entertain family audiences. The story revolves around the interior of a house, with a focus on female characters. Starring Namitha Pramod and Sreelakshmi in lead roles, the film offers a feminine perspective.

An Experiment in Cinema During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Amidst the standstill in theaters and cinema, ‘Madhavi’ emerges as an experimental film that reflects the changes in the industry during the COVID-19 period. Produced by Capitol Theaters and Kappa Studios, owned by director Ranjith, the film showcases the resilience of the industry.

Talented Cast and Crew
Apart from Namitha Pramod and Sreelakshmi, ‘Madhavi’ features talented actors Arun Kurian and Kuku Parameswaran, known for their roles in ‘Anandam’. The film’s music is composed by Jacques Bijoy, adding to the overall experience.

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