Maximizing Opportunities in the Current Used Car Market


Edmunds reports a decrease in the average transaction price for used vehicles, making it a more appealing option for shoppers. They offer tips to help buyers navigate the market and make the most of falling used car prices.

Used Vehicle Market Shift

In recent years, the used-vehicle market has presented challenges for buyers due to higher prices, limited inventory, and rising interest rates. However, according to Edmunds’ latest report, there has been a decrease in the average transaction price for used vehicles, signaling a potential shift in the market that may benefit buyers.

Strategies for Buyers

1. Compare Prices: Utilize online resources to compare prices and ensure that you are getting a good deal on a used car.
2. Expand Your Search: Look beyond local dealerships and consider searching online to find better deals.
3. Consider Different Vehicle Types: Reevaluate your preferences and consider higher-mileage or older models to achieve the desired monthly payment. Alternatively, explore different types of vehicles or brands to find cost-saving options.
4. Get Preapproved for an Auto Loan: Secure the lowest interest rate possible by getting preapproved by a local bank, credit union, or online lender.
5. Maximize Trade-In Value: Take advantage of the current high used car prices by maximizing the value of your trade-in. Consider obtaining a free vehicle appraisal to ensure a fair trade-in offer.
6. Shop Certified Pre-Owned: While it may be challenging, consider certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicles, which undergo thorough inspections, offer extended warranties, and potentially qualify for new car interest rates.

Edmunds’ Advice

Edmunds recommends that prospective used-vehicle buyers make strategic compromises in order to navigate the evolving market. By conducting thorough research, comparing prices, and optimizing trade-in value, buyers can make informed decisions and potentially secure a more favorable deal.