Montpellier in Turmoil: Point Deduction and Training-Ground Brawl Shake French Club


Summary: French club Montpellier is facing multiple challenges, including a point deduction and a training-ground brawl, which have sent the team into turmoil. A recent match was marred by unruly fans throwing a firework onto the pitch, resulting in a replay without spectators and a point deduction for Montpellier. Additionally, defender Mamadou Sakho and coach Michel Der Zakarian were involved in a physical altercation during a training session. These issues, combined with the departure of a key player, have left Montpellier in a difficult position as they prepare to face Toulouse.

Unruly Fans Disrupt Match and Lead to Point Deduction

During a league game against Clermont, Montpellier was leading 4-2 when fans threw a firework onto the pitch. The incident caused the match to be stopped, and the goalkeeper of the opposing team required medical treatment. As a result, the French league decided to replay the match without spectators and deducted one point from Montpellier’s standings. This could have serious consequences for the team if they remain near the relegation zone.

Training-Ground Brawl Involving Defender Mamadou Sakho

In another blow to Montpellier, defender Mamadou Sakho was reportedly involved in a physical altercation with coach Michel Der Zakarian during a training session. Sakho allegedly grabbed the coach by the collar and threw him to the ground following a heated argument. This incident is expected to result in Sakho’s departure from the club and further disrupt the team dynamics.

Impact of Departure of Striker Elye Wahi

In addition to the off-field issues, Montpellier has also been affected by the departure of striker Elye Wahi to Lens. Wahi has been performing well at his new club, leaving a void in Montpellier’s attack. To compensate for his absence, the team will be relying on Jordan winger Mousa Al Tamari and striker Akor Adams, who were signed during the summer transfer window.

Challenges Ahead: Montpellier Faces Toulouse

With the team facing multiple challenges, Montpellier is preparing to host Toulouse in a game that carries significant importance. Toulouse has been unbeaten in their last three league matches, posing a tough competition for Montpellier. The team will need strong performances from their new signings to turn things around and secure a much-needed victory.

League Leaders and Defending Champions Also in Action

While Montpellier is grappling with their problems, league leaders Monaco will be facing Lille, and defending champions PSG will be playing against Brest. Both teams will be looking to continue their good form in the league after successful midweek performances in the Champions League.

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