Mother’s Fight for Son Kidnapped by Hamas Militants


Summary: A mother holds out hope for her son’s safe return after being kidnapped by Hamas militants, along with other hostages, from a music festival. Despite the harrowing accounts, the mother describes her son as a survivor and expresses the need for help to rescue all the hostages.

Hersh Goldberg-Polin, a 23-year-old from Jerusalem, was abducted by Hamas militants during a music festival where numerous people were killed. His mother, Rachel Goldberg, remains hopeful for his return, emphasizing his resilience. Born in Berkeley, California, Goldberg-Polin had a passion for exploring the world and attending music festivals. Witnesses reported that he lost part of his arm in the attack but managed to escape before being captured. Family and friends have initiated a social media campaign to bring him back safely, while his mother appeals for assistance in rescuing all the hostages.

Tags: Hamas militants, kidnapping, music festival, rescue operation, social media campaign