Multicultural Advocate Resigns from SA Government in Protest of Biased Response to Israel-Gaza War


Summary: Ahmed Zreika, a prominent Muslim community leader and president of the Islamic Society of SA, has resigned from the Multicultural Commission in South Australia due to what he perceives as the government’s anti-Palestinian bias in its handling of the Israel-Gaza war. Zreika criticized the state government for its lack of sympathy towards Palestinian victims and its support only for the Israeli community. In response, Premier Peter Malinauskas emphasized that his government condemns all acts of violence. Thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters marched in solidarity in Adelaide over the weekend.

Ahmed Zreika, the president of the Islamic Society of SA, has resigned from his position as a board member of the Multicultural Commission in South Australia in protest against what he deems as the state government’s biased response to the Israel-Gaza war. Zreika, a well-known advocate for the Muslim community, expressed disappointment with the government’s lack of sympathy for Palestinian victims. He criticized the government for showing support only for the Israeli community, exemplified by illuminating Adelaide landmarks with Israel’s colors while neglecting to do the same for the Palestinian community.

According to Zreika, the Muslim community does not support Hamas or its recent actions, but they condemn the killing of innocent civilians from both sides. Zreika called on Premier Peter Malinauskas to condemn the killings and show solidarity for the nearly 1,000 children killed by the Israeli army. Responding to the criticisms, Premier Malinauskas acknowledged Zreika as a proud advocate for his community and stated that lighting up landmarks with Israeli colors was done to send a clear message of intolerance for terrorist acts. He emphasized the need for proportionality and the minimization of civilian casualties on both sides.

Over the weekend, thousands of people marched through Adelaide in solidarity with Palestinians, gathering at SA’s Parliament House. Premier Malinauskas acknowledged the humanitarian crisis in Gaza but attributed it to Hamas’s unprovoked attack on Israel. He expressed sadness at the loss of innocent lives on both sides and reiterated his support for a two-state solution and the condemnation of violence wherever it occurs.

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