Musician Mike Skinner’s Debut as Actor and Director with ‘The Darker the Shadow, the Brighter the Light’


Summary: Mike Skinner, the musician known as The Streets, takes on the roles of writer, director, editor, and actor in his neo-noir detective film titled ‘The Darker the Shadow, the Brighter the Light.’ The film, accompanied by a new album, showcases Skinner’s life as a DJ in his mid-40s and has been screened in several UK and European venues. After the film’s release, The Streets will embark on a tour, providing Skinner with a much-needed break after completing the movie.

Mike Skinner, best known as the musician behind The Streets, has ventured into the world of film with his debut feature-length movie, ‘The Darker the Shadow, the Brighter the Light.’ Not only did he write and direct the film, but he also edited it and starred in it. The film explores the life of a DJ in his mid-40s, taking place in backstage rooms, dance floors, and the backseats of cars as the sun rises.

Accompanying the film is an album of the same name, which was released last week. This is the first album from The Streets in 12 years, and it has been described as an instant classic. The lyrics of the album touch on various topics such as club culture, hangovers in cafes, dating celebrities, male fragility, and battles with grief.

The movie, described as a ‘neo-noir detective film,’ offers a unique perspective by featuring a DJ as the protagonist instead of a traditional private eye. Although the film is nonfiction, it draws inspiration from Skinner’s own life, showcasing his experiences as a DJ. The film has been screened at multiple venues in the UK and Europe, where Skinner has participated in question-and-answer sessions with the audience.

Skinner joked that he took on all the roles in the filmmaking process because no one was willing to provide financial support. It took him seven years to complete the movie, and during this time, he also worked on the accompanying album. According to Skinner, the album’s extended development period allowed it to ‘breathe’ and gave him the freedom to focus on the film.

Following the release of the album, The Streets will embark on a tour, providing an opportunity for Skinner to unwind after the challenging process of finishing his movie. Skinner expressed his anticipation for the tour, claiming that touring is relatively easy compared to filmmaking. He jokingly highlighted the minimal work required during a tour day and the convenience of sleeping on the tour bus. Despite being less glamorous than perceived, Skinner finds the touring experience relaxing and looks forward to enjoying a relatively easy life for a while.

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