NATO Chief Warns of Putin’s Expansionist Ambitions Beyond Ukraine


Russian President Putin asserts his determination to achieve his goals in Ukraine, while NATO Chief Stoltenberg warns of the risk of Putin’s further aggression beyond Ukraine.

Putin’s Determination in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual end-of-year press conference, dismissing the need for another mobilization of reservists and claiming there are around 617,000 Russian soldiers currently in Ukraine. Putin reiterated Moscow’s goals in Ukraine, insisting on ‘de-Nazification,’ ‘de-militarization,’ and a neutral status for Ukraine.

Stoltenberg’s Warning and International Support for Ukraine

NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg expressed concern over the risk of Putin’s aggression extending beyond Ukraine, emphasizing the need for NATO allies to continue supporting Kyiv militarily. Stoltenberg stressed that the ongoing support for Ukraine is crucial to convince Putin that he cannot win solely through military means.

Challenges in International Support for Ukraine

The United States and the European Union face internal political challenges in providing further aid to Ukraine. Opposition from Republicans in the US and obstacles in the EU, such as Hungary’s resistance, have complicated the approval of aid packages. Despite receiving support, Ukraine has struggled to make significant progress against Russian forces.