Navigating Psychopathic Behaviors in the Workplace


Summary: Discover how psychopathic behaviors can create a toxic workplace environment and learn strategies for identifying and addressing them.

Psychopathic behaviors can significantly impact workplace dynamics, causing confusion and toxicity. David Gillespie, a former lawyer, shares his experience with a manipulative colleague and discusses the effects it had on his team. Clinical psychologist Erika Penney explains psychopathic traits and the ‘dark-triad’ of personality. She emphasizes the importance of creating a safe work environment and offers insights into the motivations behind psychopathic behaviors. Gillespie and Penney provide tips for identifying and dealing with psychopathic colleagues, including maintaining strong co-worker relationships and setting clear boundaries. They also stress the value of psychological therapy for individuals with narcissistic or antisocial traits. Overall, it is crucial to address psychopathic behaviors to ensure a healthy and productive workplace.

Tags: psychopathic behaviors, toxic workplace, identifying psychopathic traits, creating a safe work environment, dealing with manipulative colleagues