Nebraska’s Largest Cities Sued Over Gun Restrictions


Two recent lawsuits challenge executive orders issued by Omaha and Lincoln mayors, claiming violation of a new state gun law.

New State Gun Law Violation

The Liberty Justice Center has filed lawsuits against the mayors of Omaha and Lincoln, alleging that the cities’ executive orders banning firearms in public places like parks violate a new state gun law. The lawsuits were filed on behalf of the Nebraska Firearms Owners Association, claiming that the mayors’ orders are in conflict with the state law passed in April.

Challenges to Executive Orders

The lawsuits specifically point out that despite the new state law, Omaha and Lincoln mayors issued executive orders banning firearms from city property, including parks and sidewalks. They also mentioned that Omaha City Council prohibited ‘ghost gun’ parts and manufacturing, while the Lincoln City Council has not repealed ordinances regulating weapons.

Legal Responses

The president of the Liberty Justice Center, Jacob Huebert, emphasized that local governments cannot regulate firearms according to the state law. On the other hand, city attorneys of Lincoln and Omaha expressed their stances. Lincoln’s city attorney mentioned that the city’s actions aim to protect the safety and quality of life of its residents in compliance with the law, while Omaha’s city attorney stated that the city will defend its ability to protect its citizens within the bounds of the law.

State Attorney General’s Opinion

The lawsuits were filed shortly after Nebraska Attorney General Michael Hilgers published an opinion stating that state law preempts mayors’ executive orders, viole residents’ Second Amendment rights, and are against the Nebraska Constitution.