New Projects Offer Fresh Perspectives on Lady Bird Johnson’s Legacy


Recent projects, including a podcast, a documentary, and an exhibit, are using Lady Bird Johnson’s own voice to provide new insights into the life and impact of the former first lady.


Lady Bird Johnson, the former first lady, is the focus of recent projects such as a podcast, a documentary, and an exhibit, all featuring her own voice to offer new perspectives on her life and legacy.

Rediscovering Lady Bird’s Voice

Several recent projects, including the University of Texas podcast ‘Lady Bird,’ have utilized recordings of Lady Bird Johnson’s voice to showcase her experiences, thoughts, and influence during her time as the first lady and beyond.

The Lady Bird Diaries and Exhibit

In addition to the ‘Lady Bird’ podcast, a documentary titled ‘The Lady Bird Diaries’ and an exhibit at the LBJ Presidential Library in Austin also aim to shed light on Lady Bird Johnson’s contributions and impact, offering a glimpse into her significant role behind the scenes.

Influence and Legacy

Lady Bird Johnson’s impact as a strong advocate for environmental causes, women’s rights, and her skill as a campaigner are highlighted in the new documentary by filmmaker Dawn Porter, providing insight into her powerful influence during her time in the White House.

Personal Insights

Insights from Lady Bird Johnson’s daughter, Luci Baines Johnson, provide a personal perspective on her mother’s dedication to compiling her thoughts and experiences, demonstrating her relentless pursuit of knowledge and her commitment to leaving a lasting legacy.