New York City Implements 60-Day Limit for Migrant Families in Shelters


Summary: New York City Mayor Eric Adams has announced a new policy limiting shelter stays for migrant families with children to 60 days in an effort to alleviate strain on the city’s housing system. The policy aims to address the overwhelming influx of asylum seekers over the past year and will provide intensified casework services to help families secure new housing. The city is facing significant financial challenges, with an estimated $12 billion expected to be spent over the next three years to handle the influx of migrants.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has implemented a new policy that limits the duration of shelter stays for migrant families with children to 60 days. This move comes as the city’s housing system has been strained by a large influx of asylum seekers over the past year. The mayor’s office will begin sending 60-day notices to migrant families in shelters, urging them to find alternative housing. Additionally, intensified casework services will be provided to assist families in securing new homes. The new policy is part of Adams’ ongoing efforts to alleviate pressure on the city’s shelter system and address the financial challenges posed by the influx of migrants. Currently, there are over 120,000 international migrants in New York City, many of whom lack housing or legal work authorization. Of these, more than 60,000 migrants are residing in city shelters. To handle the influx, the city is expected to spend $12 billion over the next three years. This includes setting up large-scale emergency shelters, renting out hotels, and providing various government services for migrants. Last month, Adams implemented a policy limiting adult migrants to a maximum stay of 30 days in city-run facilities due to overcrowding. Adams is also seeking to suspend a unique legal agreement that requires New York City to provide emergency housing to homeless individuals. This requirement sets New York City apart from other major U.S. cities. The mayor believes that expanding the new policy to all asylum seekers in the city’s care is necessary to ensure progress in their journeys. In an effort to discourage further migration to the city, Adams recently undertook a four-day trip through Latin America, starting in Mexico. During the trip, he emphasized that the city’s shelter system is at capacity and its resources are overwhelmed.

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