NFL Retiree Boo Williams Fights for Disability Benefits


Former Saints tight end Boo Williams struggles to receive rightful disability benefits from the NFL despite years of suffering and frustration.

Struggle for Benefits

Former New Orleans Saints tight end Boo Williams has been battling excruciating pain and frustration due to the mishandling of his disability claims by the NFL. Despite being awarded $5,000 a month, Williams feels that he deserves more than $500,000 over the past 14 years for the injuries sustained during his career.

Systemic Challenges

Williams’ case is a reflection of the struggles faced by numerous retired players who find themselves entangled in a convoluted web of legal and bureaucratic hurdles while seeking benefits from the NFL’s disability plan. This has led to increasing scrutiny on the program’s fairness and efficacy.

Controversial Lawsuit and Program Scrutiny

A lawsuit filed by 10 retired players, including Pro Bowl running back Willis McGahee, has brought to light the alleged unfair denial of benefits to injured retirees, sparking a contentious debate around the NFL’s disability program. The program, initially designed to provide assistance to retired players with football-related injuries, now faces accusations of biased evaluations and claim denials.

Challenges with Disability Evaluation

Williams’ arduous journey through the disability claims system began in 2009, encountering setbacks and demoralizing experiences, including alterations made to his medical evaluations. His struggle sheds light on the complex and often unforgiving process faced by retired players seeking deserved benefits.

Allegations of Biased Evaluation

Allegations have surfaced regarding a potential conflict of interest, with lawyers claiming a correlation between doctors’ remuneration and the denial rates, suggesting a systemic bias against former players. Furthermore, the regrading of injury severity, exemplified in Williams’ case, has raised concerns about the program’s integrity and transparency.

Personal Struggles and Desperate Circumstances

Williams’ poignant ordeal paints a harrowing picture of the personal turmoil endured by retired players as they grapple with debilitating injuries and financial distress. His distressing accounts, including battles with suicidal thoughts and a history of homelessness, underscore the devastating impact of the systemic challenges he faces.

Quest for Justice

Despite facing formidable odds, Williams continues to advocate for justice, grappling with the burden of enduring unrelenting pain and navigating a labyrinthine claims process. His tenacity serves as a poignant reminder of the plight faced by numerous retired athletes within an intricate and often unforgiving system.