Nvidia CEO Envisions Malaysia as AI ‘Manufacturing’ Hub in Southeast Asia


Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, suggests that Malaysia could become a key hub for AI ‘manufacturing’ in Southeast Asia, highlighting the potential role of Malaysian conglomerate YTL Corp. in setting up AI data centers.

Nvidia CEO’s View on Malaysia

During a media roundtable in Kuala Lumpur, Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, expressed a vision of Malaysia as a potential hub for AI ‘manufacturing’ and stressed the country’s expertise in packaging, assembly, and other manufacturing aspects relevant to artificial intelligence.

YTL Corp.’s Potential Role

While Huang did not confirm ongoing talks with YTL Corp., he praised the company’s leadership and legacy, indicating the possibility of YTL playing a significant role in establishing AI data centers in Malaysia.

Southeast Asia’s Growing Importance in AI Computing

Huang emphasized that Southeast Asia is poised to become a crucial hub for AI computing, citing the need for region-specific AI data centers that can effectively process and refine data. He also highlighted the region’s existing strengths in technology supply chain aspects, such as packaging, assembly, and battery manufacturing.