Oxford University Press Names ‘Rizz’ Word of the Year


Oxford University Press selects ‘rizz’ as the word of the year, reflecting Generation Z’s language trends and influence on society.

Oxford University Press’ Choice

Oxford University Press has chosen ‘rizz’ as the word of the year, representing the popularity of a term used by Generation Z to denote someone’s ability to attract or seduce another person.

Finalists and Selection Process

The other finalists for the word of the year were ‘Swiftie’ (a fan of Taylor Swift), ‘situationship’ (an informal romantic or sexual relationship), and ‘prompt’ (an instruction given to an artificial intelligence program). The four finalists were selected through a public vote, with ‘rizz’ emerging as the ultimate winner.

Origin and Usage of ‘Rizz’

‘Rizz’ is believed to be derived from the middle of the word ‘charisma’ and can be used as a verb, such as to ‘rizz up’ or chat someone up. It exemplifies how younger generations shape and define language in their own spaces, both online and in person, reflecting their impact on society in areas like activism, dating, and broader culture.