Peloton’s Partnership with TikTok for Short-Form Fitness Classes


Peloton forms a partnership with TikTok to introduce a new fitness hub, #TikTokFitness Powered by Peloton, offering short-form fitness classes, live sessions, and content from Peloton’s instructors.

Peloton’s Partnership with TikTok

Peloton has launched a partnership with TikTok to create a new fitness hub on the social media platform called #TikTokFitness Powered by Peloton. The partnership aims to change Peloton’s public perception and expand its customer base, especially after experiencing a decline in sales and profits. It will feature short-form fitness videos, longer live classes, content from Peloton’s instructors, and collaborations with TikTok creators.

Peloton’s Strategic Changes and Financial Performance

This collaboration comes after Peloton rebranded itself and introduced a tiered pricing strategy to attract a wider audience. The company’s goal is to position itself as more than just a bike company and appeal to customers interested in its content through a monthly subscription. Following the decline in demand post-pandemic, Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy is working on reviving the business by focusing on boosting subscriber count, offering rental services, and exploring partnerships like the one with TikTok. Despite these initiatives, Peloton is still facing challenges in monetizing its members, making collaborations essential for long-term success.

Expanding Audience and Content on TikTok

The partnership aims to reach the diverse audience of TikTok, spanning from 16 to 60-year-olds globally. By featuring well-known and lesser-known Peloton instructors, the content will provide a behind-the-scenes look into Peloton, aiming to attract a broader audience. In addition to workout videos, the collaboration will include fitness-adjacent content and ‘get ready with me’ clips, showcasing a different side of Peloton to TikTok users. The goal is to introduce the brand and its instructors to a wider audience, ultimately driving engagement and interest in Peloton’s offerings.