PGA Star Jon Rahm Joins Saudi-Backed LIV Golf League


Spanish golfer Jon Rahm shocks the industry by signing with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf league, departing from the PGA Tour. The move is speculated to be a part of the ongoing power struggle between PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

Jon Rahm’s Departure from PGA Tour

Spanish golfer Jon Rahm, who recently won the Masters and is ranked No. 3 in the world, has officially signed on with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf league. This marks a significant departure from the PGA Tour and has surprised many in the industry.

Strategic Move by LIV Golf

Speculation is rife that LIV Golf’s deal with Rahm could be a strategic move to exert pressure on the PGA Tour to approve the proposed merger between the two leagues. This follows the long and tumultuous saga of negotiations between PGA Tour and LIV Golf, with a looming deadline to finalize their combination by December 31.

Financial Details of the Deal

The deal with Jon Rahm is reported to be worth more than $300 million and could extend beyond three years. This amount surpasses the $200 million deal secured by former PGA golfer Phil Mickelson with LIV Golf in 2022. Furthermore, Rahm might also be granted an ownership stake in a new team as LIV continues to recruit other PGA Tour players, according to ESPN.

Impact on PGA Tour and Response

The departure of a prominent player like Rahm is a significant blow to the PGA Tour. While LIV Golf’s aggressive recruitment tactics have caused friction in the golfing world, the PGA Tour has refrained from commenting on the news of Rahm’s deal. Additionally, agencies representing Rahm have chosen not to comment, reflecting the sensitivity and complexity of the situation.