PGA Tour Season Emphasizes Charity in Lahaina’s Wake


The new PGA Tour season at Kapalua’s The Sentry begins with a focus on charity in the wake of Lahaina’s deadly fires, with players supporting relief efforts and displaying solidarity.

PGA Tour Launches New Season at The Sentry

The PGA Tour’s new season kicks off at The Sentry in Kapalua, with players like Collin Morikawa and Xander Schauffele showing their support for the community of Lahaina, following the deadly fires that ravaged the area.

Players Show Solidarity with Lahaina Community

Players like Collin Morikawa, whose grandparents were from Lahaina, and Xander Schauffele, who hosted a clinic for junior golfers affected by the fires, are contributing to relief efforts, highlighting the community’s resilience.

Charitable Efforts and Support for Lahaina

Several players, including Collin Morikawa, Tony Finau, and Patrick Cantlay, are engaging in various charitable efforts to support the Lahaina community, emphasizing the PGA Tour’s commitment to charity.

The Event’s Emphasis on Charity and Healing

The tournament serves as a platform for players and sponsors to support various relief charities for Lahaina, highlighting the PGA Tour’s and the players’ commitment to aiding the healing process and bringing Lahaina back to normalcy.

Impact of the Fires on the Community

The fires in Lahaina resulted in extensive damage, with over 2,000 buildings destroyed, impacting the lives of many residents. The community is still on the path to recovery, and the PGA Tour’s support serves as a significant source of aid.