Philadelphia Phillies Maintain Roster for NLCS, Arizona Diamondbacks Make Pitching Addition


Summary: The Philadelphia Phillies have decided to keep their roster unchanged for the NL Championship Series, while the Arizona Diamondbacks have added a new pitcher. The Phillies are still undecided on the starting pitcher for Game 4. The Diamondbacks have added Slade Cecconi to their roster and left off Jace Peterson.

The Philadelphia Phillies have made the strategic decision to maintain their roster for the NL Championship Series, sticking with the same team that brought them to this point. As they gear up for Game 1 against the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Phillies have chosen not to make any changes to their roster. However, they are still deliberating on which pitcher to start in Game 4, with 15-game winner Taijuan Walker and Cristopher Sánchez both in contention. Both pitchers have yet to make an appearance in this postseason, adding an extra layer of uncertainty to the decision. The outcome may depend on the bullpen usage in the first three games, as Sánchez has experience as a reliever and Walker has a solid track record with 194 career starts.
The Arizona Diamondbacks, on the other hand, have made a small adjustment to their roster. After winning all five of their postseason games to secure a spot in the NLCS, the Diamondbacks have decided to add right-handed pitcher Slade Cecconi to their roster. In order to accommodate this addition, they have left off infielder Jace Peterson. This move brings the Diamondbacks’ total number of pitchers on the roster to 13, adding further depth to their pitching staff.

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