Political Division Erupts as Miss Nicaragua’s Victory Sparks Controversy


Miss Nicaragua’s win at Miss Universe leads to political conflict after it is revealed she participated in protests against the government in 2018.

Miss Universe Victory Turns Controversial

Nicaragua’s government initially celebrated Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios’ win at Miss Universe but became angry after it was revealed that she graduated from a college involved in 2018 protests against the regime.

Political Opinions on the Win

Ordinary Nicaraguans celebrated Palacios’ win by using the blue-and-white national flag, which contrasts with the government’s red-and-black Sandinista banner. The opposition and Roman Catholic Rev. Silvio Báez congratulated Palacios, while the government criticized the celebration.

Government’s Response and Protests

Vice president Rosario Murillo condemned opposition social media sites for celebrating Palacios’ win, accusing them of attempting to turn the victory into destructive coup-mongering. The government has taken strong measures against dissent, including seizing and closing universities and arresting and expelling opponents.

Palacios’ Silence and Past Actions

Palacios has not commented on the situation. During the contest, she expressed her desire to work on promoting mental health and closing the gender salary gap. However, it was revealed that she participated in the 2018 protests, although she had initially been afraid to join.

Aftermath of the Protests

The 2018 protests against the Ortega regime resulted in a violent crackdown by government forces, leading to the death of at least 355 people. Many individuals and groups have faced persecution and exile as a result of their opposition to the government.

Continued Political Tensions

The fallout from Miss Nicaragua’s victory highlights the deep political divide in Nicaragua and the government’s intolerance towards dissent. The country continues to face social and political challenges, with the aftermath of the 2018 protests still impacting the nation.

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