Populist Ex-PM Signs Coalition Deal to Form New Slovak Government


Summary: Robert Fico, a populist former prime minister of Slovakia, has signed a coalition agreement with two other parties to form a new government. Fico’s party won the recent parliamentary election and needed coalition partners to govern with a majority. The coalition agreement stipulates that Fico’s party will appoint the prime minister and have six other ministers. Fico campaigned on a pro-Russian and anti-American message, vowing to withdraw Slovakia’s military support for Ukraine.

Robert Fico, the populist former prime minister of Slovakia, has reached a coalition agreement with two other parties, paving the way for the formation of a new government. Fico’s party, Smer, emerged as the winner in the parliamentary election, but fell short of a majority. The coalition agreement ensures that Fico’s party will hold the position of prime minister, as well as six other ministerial posts. Fico’s victory in the election, which was fueled by his pro-Russian and anti-American rhetoric, has raised concerns about Slovakia’s future stance on European Union and NATO policies, particularly its military support for Ukraine.

Peter Pellegrini, the leader of the left-wing Hlas party, which broke away from Fico’s party after the previous election, has reunited with Fico to form a coalition. Hlas will have the power to name the parliamentary speaker and seven Cabinet ministers. The ultra-nationalist Slovak National Party will have three ministers. The three parties are currently in the process of nominating their ministers before the new government can be sworn in by President Zuzana Caputova.

Fico’s return to power has raised concerns among his critics, who fear that Slovakia may follow in the footsteps of Hungary and Poland in terms of abandoning democratic norms and pursuing a nationalist agenda. Fico has emphasized that Slovakia will remain a member of the EU and NATO, but with a focus on safeguarding its sovereignty.

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