Preparation for Halloween: Snickers Maker Mars Ensures Ample Supply for Trick-or-treaters


Summary: As Halloween approaches, Mars Inc., the maker of Snickers, gears up for the biggest candy holiday of the year. Mars starts planning for Halloween two years in advance, collaborating with retailers to develop new flavors, packaging, and sustainable practices. The company also evaluates post-Halloween candy performance and makes adjustments for the next season. This year, Mars introduces new candy varieties like Skittles Shriekers and partners with digital convenience store Gopuff to ensure easy online shopping for Halloween candy. Despite Halloween candy sales peaking in the last week of October, Mars is prepared to meet the demand with excess inventory.

As candy makers gear up for the biggest candy holiday of the year, Snickers maker Mars Inc. is ensuring ample supply for trick-or-treaters. Mars dedicates significant time and effort to plan for Halloween, starting the preparation process two years in advance. The company collaborates with key retailers to discuss trends, including flavors, packaging, and sustainability. This proactive approach allows Mars to develop and execute new products that align with consumer preferences. For the upcoming Halloween season, Mars has introduced Skittles Shriekers, featuring a mix of classic Skittles and a few sour-flavored ones. Additionally, Mars has embraced the growing trend of online shopping and has partnered with digital convenience store Gopuff to offer easy access to Halloween candy. In fact, consumers who are running low on candy can visit to receive a free backup supply of Mars candy in under an hour, while supplies last.

Following Halloween, Mars conducts a thorough evaluation of its candy performance and engages in discussions with retailers to gather insights. This exercise helps the company understand which items performed well and identifies potential areas for improvement. By analyzing this data, Mars can make informed decisions for the next Halloween season, which begins just nine months later. The company aims to capture multiple consumer occasions, such as back-to-school shopping, spooky movie nights, and trick-or-treating. While the sales of Halloween candy peak in the last week of October, Mars ensures that it is prepared to meet the demand. This year, Mars has exceeded its production targets and still has excess inventory in its warehouses.

Overall, Mars Inc. recognizes the significance of Halloween and continues to prioritize the holiday in its business strategies. With a portfolio of popular candies like Snickers, M&M’s, and Twix, Mars is well-positioned to capitalize on the Halloween spirit and satisfy consumers’ sweet tooth.

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