Prosecutors Oppose Bail for Ex-Gang Leader Linked to Tupac Shakur Killing Confession


Prosecutors in Las Vegas oppose the release of former gang leader Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis, citing his repeated confessions to orchestrating the killing of Tupac Shakur as strong evidence to deny his request for bail ahead of his trial in June.

Prosecutors’ Argument Against Bail

In a court filing on Thursday, prosecutors in Las Vegas argued that the more than a decade of confessions by former gang leader Duane ‘Keffe D’ Davis about his involvement in the killing of Tupac Shakur should prevent his release to house arrest ahead of his trial in June.

Defense and Prosecution Statements

Davis’ court-appointed attorneys argued in a bail request that their 60-year-old client is not receiving proper medical attention in jail following a colon cancer diagnosis. They stated that Davis poses no danger to the community and won’t flee to avoid trial. In response, prosecutors emphasized that even if Davis didn’t physically commit the crime, his confessions make him responsible for orchestrating the drive-by shooting that killed Shakur.

Prosecution’s Evidence

The prosecution submitted more than 160 pages of written transcripts and a DVD with additional evidence to support their opposition to Davis’ request for bail. They also highlighted various instances in which Davis incriminated himself, including during interviews and in his own tell-all book.

Defense Counterarguments

Davis’ defense team contended that his descriptions of orchestrating the drive-by shooting were for entertainment purposes and to make money. They also noted his assertion of immunity in a 2008 agreement with the FBI and Los Angeles police, as well as his 2019 memoir and various interviews, arguing that they should not be used against him.

Upcoming Court Hearing

Davis, who pleaded not guilty to a murder charge, has been ordered held without bail. His request to be released on no more than $100,000 bail will be heard by a state court judge on Tuesday.