Rare Collection of Historical Images Captures Europe’s Dark 1930s History and Life in Albury


Summary: A unique exhibition in Albury showcases a rare collection of images and videos that provide a detailed glimpse into life in the region during the 1930s. The collection, captured by physician Dr. Leslie Samuel Woods, includes footage from his study trip to Europe in 1937 as well as scenes from Albury between the 1930s and 1950s. The discovery and digitization of the collection has brought together the Woods family and provided new insights into both family life and the town’s history.

A rare collection of images and videos on display in Albury offers a unique window into life in the region during the 1930s. The exhibition showcases the work of Dr. Leslie Samuel Woods, a physician who purchased a Filmo Double Eight film camera during a study trip to Europe in 1937. Dr. Woods captured a wide range of scenes and events during his travels, including images of animals and famous landmarks.

Upon his return to Albury, Dr. Woods continued to document the town and its residents, creating a visual record of buildings, people, gardens, and events. His photos and videos, which were almost lost to history, have now come full circle and are on display in the LibraryMuseum.

The discovery and digitization of the collection has been a significant moment for the Woods family, with footage of family members as young children being uncovered. The exhibition launch also served as a family reunion, with the Woods clan sharing stories and identifying individuals in the images. The collection provides not only a glimpse into family life but also offers a valuable historical record of the town and its development.

Dr. Woods’ collection includes footage of notable events and locations, such as the coronation of King George VI and Nazis marching in Germany. It also captures everyday life in Albury, including scenes of the Hume Weir and one of the town’s first Anzac Day marches. The exhibition highlights the town’s history and offers a unique perspective on life in the region during the border between the world wars. The collection has generated significant interest from both local residents and visitors.

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