Record US Corn Harvest Puts Pressure on Prices and Global Supply


Summary: A bumper corn harvest in the US is expected to lead to an increase in storage capacity and a decrease in prices. This will benefit consumers but squeeze profits for farmers. The surplus supply may lead to a change in the global corn market, affecting wheat, soy, and other major crops.

American farmers are experiencing one of the largest corn harvests in history, despite the threat of a dry spring. This surplus will strain storage capacity and push down prices, benefiting consumers who use corn for livestock feed, biofuel, and other purposes. However, farmers will face challenges as they store excess corn and hope for new demand. The US Agriculture Department predicts that the amount of corn left in storage will exceed levels seen in the past seven years. This surplus will contribute to a significant increase in corn supplies, putting further pressure on international corn prices.

Brazil, another major corn exporter, has also experienced a record harvest, leading to a potential surplus in the global corn market. This surplus could have a bearish impact on other major crops such as wheat and soy. Additionally, lower corn prices will benefit corn buyers, such as the US chicken industry, which will spend less on poultry feed. However, lower prices have affected the incomes of corn farmers, who may choose to store their corn instead of selling at a loss. Storing grain, however, has become more expensive and risky due to rising interest rates. Farmers are also facing high fuel and fertilizer costs. To mitigate these challenges and support farmers, it will be important to boost exports and expand ethanol demand by tapping into new markets and exploring opportunities in the aviation fuel industry.

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