Reddit Announces New Program to Convert Users’ Gold into Real Cash 1

  • ​Reddit has launched a new ​Contributor Program, which allows top contributors to convert their awarded Reddit Gold into real-world money.
  • The program is open to users who are 18 years or older, located in the ​US, and meet specified karma minimums, with different levels of earnings based on the amount of karma and gold. ‘Standard contributors’ will earn 90 cents per gold while ‘top contributors’ will earn $1 per gold awarded.
  • Verification for the program can be done through profile menus, with ‘Get Verified to Start Earning’ being the key option for eligible users.
  • Reddit has also unveiled new interface features to emphasize the importance of gold, with additional functionalities for awarding and purchasing gold. These changes are currently available on ​mobile and will be extended to web users later this year.

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