Remains of Missing Man from 1993 Identified as 9th Victim of Suspected Serial Killer


Summary: Indiana authorities have identified the remains of a man who went missing in 1993 as the ninth victim of a suspected serial killer. The remains were found on the property of the long-deceased businessman, Herbert Baumeister, who is believed to have killed at least 16 men in the 1980s and 1990s. The identification was made through forensic genetic genealogy testing and DNA provided by the victim’s mother.

Indiana authorities have identified Allen Livingston, an Indianapolis man who disappeared in 1993, as the ninth presumed victim of Herbert Baumeister, a long-deceased businessman suspected of being a serial killer. The identification was made through forensic genetic genealogy testing using a DNA swab sample from Livingston’s mother. The remains were found in 1996 on Baumeister’s property. Livingston’s family initiated the renewed identification effort, believing he may have been among the remains. Baumeister took his own life in Canada in July 1996 as investigators closed in on him.

Investigators believe Baumeister lured men to his home, particularly targeting those who frequented gay bars, and killed them. By 1999, authorities had connected him to the disappearances of at least 16 men since 1980. Several bodies were found in shallow streams in rural Indiana and Ohio. Last year, the Hamilton County Coroner launched an effort to identify the numerous charred bones and fragments found at Baumeister’s property. Allen Livingston’s identification marks the first success in this effort. The remains of at least 25 people are believed to be represented by the bones and fragments.

Jellison, the Hamilton County Coroner, contacted Livingston’s mother to deliver the news of her son’s identification. He expressed both celebration for the success of the identification and the grim reality that another murder victim had been identified. Many of the recovered bones and fragments were severely damaged, being both burned and crushed, making DNA analysis challenging. In the 1990s, DNA samples were extracted from 11 individuals, with eight being identified. Livingston is the ninth identification. Four additional DNA profiles have been developed and are being compared to samples provided by relatives of other missing men. The investigation is ongoing, and families with missing loved ones within the specified timeframe are urged to come forward with DNA samples.

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