Remembering Bill Granger: The Chef Who Revolutionized Aussie-Style Breakfast


Australian chef Bill Granger, known for revolutionizing Aussie-style food and breakfast, has passed away at the age of 54 in London. His legacy includes global restaurant expansion and popular cookbooks.

A Culinary Visionary

Bill Granger, the acclaimed Australian chef, passed away at 54 in a London hospital, leaving behind a legacy of transforming Aussie-style breakfast into a global sensation. Originally from Melbourne, Granger started his culinary journey after dropping out of art school and opened his first restaurant in Darlinghurst, Sydney in 1993.

Global Culinary Influence

Together with his wife, Granger expanded his restaurant business across the globe, with establishments in London, Seoul, and multiple cities in Japan. His famous dishes, such as avocado on sourdough toast, garnered widespread popularity among diners internationally.

King of Breakfast’s Legacy

Granger’s family fondly remembers him as the ‘King of Breakfast’ for his ability to elevate simple, unpretentious food into something extraordinary that resonated with people worldwide. His impact also contributed to the growth of Australian informal and communal dining globally.

Versatile Culinary Career

Aside from his restaurant ventures, Granger authored 14 cookbooks and was renowned for his appearances on various cooking shows. His influence extended to the television industry, where he appeared as a guest judge on MasterChef Australia.

Tributes from Renowned Chefs

Following the news of Granger’s passing, celebrity chefs Jamie Oliver and Nigella Lawson paid tribute to him, highlighting his remarkable contributions to the culinary world. The impact of his legacy is evident through the widespread admiration and respect from fellow chefs and food enthusiasts.