Republican Representative George Santos Expelled from Congress


House members voted decisively to expel New York Republican George Santos from Congress, ending his brief and controversial tenure marred by lies and alleged fraud.

The Expulsion Vote

In a historic move, the House members voted 311-114 to expel New York Republican George Santos from Congress, marking only the sixth time in history that a sitting member has been evicted. Santos, whose brief congressional career was mired in controversy, was elected only a year ago but faced a decisive vote to remove him over allegations of lies and fraud. The expulsion required a two-thirds threshold and was carried by a unified Democratic caucus along with a divided GOP. The vote revealed a slim majority of Republicans standing by Santos, while almost all Democrats voted for his expulsion.

Controversial Career of George Santos

George Santos’s tenure as a congressman from Long Island was short-lived yet memorable for all the wrong reasons. His behavior was often likened to that of a reality show contestant or the central character in a sequel to a Hollywood movie. Despite the Republican Party’s historical support for controversial figures, Santos’ actions crossed a line that even they couldn’t overlook, suggesting that there are ethical boundaries that some politicians cannot transgress without facing consequences.

Ethical and Legal Allegations

Santos faced an array of serious allegations, including wire fraud, money laundering, false statements, and theft of public funds, leading to his indictment by a federal grand jury. The House Ethics Committee presented a damning report detailing how Santos had deceived his campaign donors and misused campaign funds for personal gain, including expenses on platforms like OnlyFans and procedures like Botox. Despite denying the allegations, Santos did not offer a specific defense of his actions.

Republican Leadership’s Response

Republican leaders initially resisted expelling Santos, urging him to resign to avoid the difficult vote. However, with a fragile majority, they could not afford to lose a vote, even one from a member as ethically compromised as Santos. This led to a stark division within the GOP, with some members acknowledging the party’s need to retain every vote and others advocating for Santos’ expulsion, particularly those from New York Republican colleagues who would be politically affected by his continued presence.

Santos’ Fabricated Background

Santos’ election victory in 2021 was overshadowed by subsequent revelations that he had falsified his life story, including educational and professional details, as well as personal tragedies such as the Holocaust and 9/11. These fabrications, uncovered by investigative reporting, further eroded confidence in his integrity and credibility, leading fellow Republicans to publicly denounce his deceit.

Santos’ Dramatic Last Moments in Congress

As the expulsion vote loomed, Santos resorted to dramatic tactics, attacking his colleagues and filing a motion to expel a Democrat who had recently pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge. His behavior, including public spats and confrontations, only intensified the scrutiny on his character, culminating in his conspicuous public presence on the day of the vote.