Russia Launches ‘Massive’ Drone Attack on Ukraine


Summary: Russia has launched a significant drone attack on Ukrainian cities and infrastructure, raising concerns about escalating strikes to cripple Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

40 Shahed drones launched by Russia

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has stated that Russia launched 40 Shahed drones targeting 10 regions, including the capital Kyiv. More than half of the drones were shot down by Ukraine’s air force.

Damage inflicted but no casualties

Although there were no reported fatalities, there were damages to residential buildings in several regions. Ukrainian officials described the attack as ‘massive’, and concerns are growing that Russia will increase its strikes in an attempt to cripple Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Winter Offensive

There are fears that Russia will intensify missile and drone strikes during the winter, aiming to disrupt Ukraine’s energy supply. Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has stated that Ukraine will respond powerfully to the enemy.

Russian response to US sanctions

Following new US sanctions, Russia’s defense ministry claimed to have shot down two Ukrainian drones. Russian officials dismissed the sanctions, stating that the US will never defeat Moscow. President Putin is preparing Russia’s economy for a long war, and Western hopes of causing a swift economic crisis through sanctions have remained unfulfilled.

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