Russian Naval Ship in Crimea Damaged by Ukrainian Airstrike


A Russian naval ship in Crimea was damaged by a Ukrainian airstrike, claims Russia’s Defence Ministry. Ukraine also seeks to terminate free trade deal with Belarus and lower the age of combat duty.

Russian Naval Ship Hit by Ukrainian Missiles

Russia’s Defence Ministry claims that the landing ship Novocherkassk in Crimea was hit by Ukrainian plane-launched guided missiles, with Russian President Vladimir Putin briefed about the attack. The attack also reportedly resulted in the destruction of two Ukrainian fighter jets by anti-aircraft fire.

Developments in Crimea

Over the past several months, Ukrainian forces have conducted attacks around Crimea, mostly with sea drones. The Russian-appointed head of Crimea reported one person killed and four injured in the attack. Videos circulating on Ukrainian channels showed a large fire in the port area. Ukrainian authorities claimed the ship was carrying an ammunitions shipment, possibly including drones.

Ukrainian Air Force Update

The Ukrainian air force stated that Russia launched 19 drones, mostly against the Odesa and Mykolaiv regions, with 13 shot down, causing infrastructure damage but no reported casualties.

Ukraine Seeks to Terminate Free Trade Deal with Belarus

Ukraine’s government has proposed terminating a free trade agreement with Belarus, citing the country’s involvement in the illegal use of force against Ukraine.

Ukraine Draft Law Proposes Lowering Fighting Age

Ukraine has also proposed lowering the age of those who can perform combat duty from 27 to 25. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has previously discussed the possibility of mobilising 450,000—500,000 more Ukrainians for the war with Russia, although no public backing has been provided yet.