Sigrid Thornton Takes on Challenging Role in Theatre Production of The Seagull


Renowned Australian actress, Sigrid Thornton, steps into one of her biggest challenges yet as she prepares for her stage role in Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull.

Renowned Career

Sigrid Thornton, an esteemed Australian actress known for her iconic roles in film and television, finds herself drawn to the stage after 50 years of onscreen experience. At 64, she is embracing the challenges of theatre, admitting it to be a different beast compared to the screen.

Tackling The Seagull

In the upcoming Sydney Theatre Company production of Anton Chekhov’s The Seagull, Sigrid Thornton steps into the shoes of the decorated actress Irina Arkadina, known for her complexity and challenging nature. The play offers a deep dive into the complex relationships and yearnings of its characters, portraying a world filled with beauty and chaos.

Artistic Interpretation

Theatre director Imara Savage leads the production, taking a fluid approach to rehearsals, allowing the cast to deeply explore and understand their characters. The adaptation of The Seagull by Andrew Upton presents a rich and strange world, filled with unusual and damaged characters. The play is set to run at The Roslyn Packer Theatre until December 16.